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I'm a Christian wife and mom from northern Virginia who deals with sleep apnea.  In my blog, I post my thoughts about all kinds of things, completely breaking the rule that you should only post about one subject in a particular blog.  I have put my techie stuff separate, fearing that would bore too many of my non-techie readers.  If you have a techie streak, you might find those posts interesting and perhaps even helpful.

The sleep apnea slows me down, but it also motivated me to talk to others with chronic illness, and I am now an admin on a website for folks with chronic illness, Peace in Chronic Illness.  Sometimes I post thoughts about sleep apnea here and also thoughts I have about things I've learned interacting with others on that site.  I was also using this site for announcements for another chat room, long ago; so there's some of that in here, too.

My professional background is in computer science and math.  So, I occasionally get techie and talk about software or other technical issues.  Sometimes I combine these two and talk about where medicine meets physics and math.

Last, I can't resist talking politics occasionally; I posted about the McCain vs Obama presidential election a couple times and will probably continue to pontificate occasionally on the subject.

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Blog posts

Finding peace when all feels crazy

In our Peace in Chronic Illness chat room and in the old Rest Ministries chat room, there've been many times when someone is facing problems that leave them feeling like nearly everything has been taken away from them.  Perhaps life has been turned upside down with terrible pain that goes on and on or perhaps problem after problem is coming and, with existing illness, it is difficult or impossible to see how you can handle it all.  …

About childhood trauma

I talk to a lot of people who have trauma from their childhoods and see the struggles they have in their lives today and in trying to heal.  They need love, acceptance, and a lot of listening to.  I think a lot of people not touched by trauma know, at least intellectually, that such trauma leaves long lasting scars and makes the victim’s life more difficult.  …

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Introducing Ceomhor!

IMG 1338

We're getting a new dog whose name will be Ceomhor which is Scotts Gaelic for misty, pronouncing it keō vor -- letters in Scotts Gaelic are pronounced quite unlike they are in English words.

They tell us that Ceomhor is an Australian shepherd mix but they're just guessing.  I'm hoping our vet will be able to us more when we take her in.  …

Renaissance Faire

IMG 0427

In May 2004, Iain and I went to the Renaissance Faire outside Atlanta with my brother-in-law and his wife.  Iain was 10 years old at the time; it was a hot day, but we had fun and saw some very pretty things.  We also bought a paining of a dragon that Iain really liked as we were reading

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Techie blog posts

Hiccups in feed, Facebook like


I have had some trouble deciding how I want dates to work as there is both a Date Created and a Date Modified for each page and you can tell Sandvox which to use to display on each blog post and which to use to sort the blog posts in the blog.  …

New software: from iWeb to Sandvox

Flowers from our bush

My theme this month seems to be new software...  I'm in the process of converting this site from iWeb to Sandvox which is a fair amount of work as you have to copy over each blog post, one at a time and then fix formatting on links in the post.  …

Updates to site


Just wanted to mention a couple new things on the site.

On my home page, there’s now a link to use if you want to subscribe to my blog by email as well as a link to the RSS feed.

I’m also twittering now, so have added a twitter feed -- “what I’m doing now” though at times it’s my last response to someone else’s twitter.  …

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