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I'm a Christian homeschool mom from northern Virginia, near Washington DC who deals with sleep apnea.  In my blog, I post my thoughts about all kinds of things, completely breaking the rule that you should only post about one subject in a particular blog.  I have put my techie stuff separate, fearing that would bore too many of my non-techie readers.  If you have a techie streak, you might find those posts interesting and sometimes even helpful.

The sleep apnea slows me down, but it also motivated me to talk to others with chronic illness, and I am now an admin on a website for folks with chronic illness, Peace in Chronic Illness.  Sometimes I post thoughts about sleep apnea here and also thoughts I have about things I've learned interacting with others on that site.  I was also using this site for announcements for another chat room, long ago; so there's some of that in here, too.

Homeschooling with chronic illness can be challenging at times.  I occasionally post about things we're doing and homeschooling in general.

My professional background is in computer science and math.  So, I occasionally get techie and talk about software or other technical issues.  Sometimes I combine these two and talk about where medicine meets physics and math.

Liz w/ Leia

Last, I can't resist talking politics occasionally; I posted about our last presidential election a couple times and will probably continue to pontificate occasionally on the subject.

Take a look around!  Below are links to the most recent posts on the site.

Note: I'm still restoring old photo albums after my move from iWeb to Sandvox.

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