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Introducing Ceomhor!

IMG 1338

We're getting a new dog whose name will be Ceomhor which is Scotts Gaelic for misty, pronouncing it keō vor -- letters …

Renaissance Faire

IMG 0427

In May 2004, Iain and I went to the Renaissance Faire outside Atlanta with my brother-in-law and his wife.  Iain …

Ray at Alzheimer's home

Close up of Ray on the porch

We went to visit my father-in-law, Ray M, this evening, as we do most Saturdays.  It was a beautiful evening, not …

HEAV 2011


These were taken at the HEAV homeschool conference at the Richmond Convention Center.  Also see my blog post about …

Luath catching a frisbee

About to catch it!

My husband took Luath outside to play frisbee in our front yard, and I took my camera.  I had tried to get photos …

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