Introducing Ceomhor!

We're getting a new dog whose name will be Ceomhor which is Scotts Gaelic for misty, pronouncing it keō vor -- letters in Scotts Gaelic are pronounced quite unlike they are in English words.

They tell us that Ceomhor is an Australian shepherd mix but they're just guessing.  I'm hoping our vet will be able to us more when we take her in.  She's 10-12 months old and was found near a 7-Eleven, probably looking for food.  She had had puppies but the puppies were never found.  I'm hoping someone found them and is taking care of them -- it's been too long now to track them down.

We found her last week, but the adoption center doesn't allow you to take the animals home until they've been spayed which will be tomorrow.  We'll be able to pick her up on Thursday.  We visited her today, so these are taken in the meet and greet room at the pet adoption center.

She is sweet and curious and affectionate.  She moves fast enough that it's hard to take a photo of her!  I managed to get a couple decent ones and then Iain suggested I make a video, so I did that.  It's the last thing on the page here.

We think she's beautiful, too; we're really looking forward to bringing her home!

Photos from May 1-3, 2012

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