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Close up of some of the roses I received from Rest Ministries

We had a great time a couple weeks ago with all the wonderful speakers at NICIAW.  However, afterwards a lot of us were pretty worn out. It took me until the Wednesday after to really recover though that was partly CPAP trouble (see below).  We've had some newbies in the chat room who had come to NICIAW.  But with the regulars so tired the room was more quiet than usual.

I did receive a beautiful surprise on the Monday after NICIAW: a bouquet of roses from Rest Ministries.  I took a couple photos of them Thursday or so - they were still lovely though not quite as they were earlier in the week.  From the photo above, you can see they have done quite well.  Thanks much, Lisa!  I am glad I can help out.  Rest Ministries has been a great blessing to me.

About my CPAP:  I had a little trouble with it the week after NICIAW..  With the change in season, my very mild leaf mold allergies (or whatever it is) cause a little nasal congestion which is just enough that I need a little more pressure on my CPAP.  Of course, I always sleep at least one night with the old pressure and sometimes mote before I realize I should have increased (or decreased) the pressure.  I am a bit tired of this guessing game, but I guess I'm stuck with it until they create smarter machines.  That kind of software is the kind I used to write years ago; sometimes I wish I had the energy and connections to take on this task myself...

This week has been rough, too; I'm not sure why though the pressure needed to be reduced again.  I was having a lot of trouble just staying awake.  I slept better the last couple nights, thankfully, though I was still having trouble with leaks and rain out.  I am beginning to think I should look into surgery for the apnea -- even if it just meant a reduction in pressure, that would ease the problem with leaks.

Father God, thank You for the wonderful week we had last week,
and the many encouraging speakers.  
Thank You for all the time and energy Lisa C 
and so many others put into it.

Bless each of those folks and help the new folks, especially, 
to know their illness is not a sign You are not rejecting them, 
but that You love them and have good plans for them, even now, 
especially now.

In Jesus' Caring Name

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