And then a long Saturday

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The exhibit hall at HEAV as it looked last year -- I didn’t take any photos this year.

I started this article the week after HEAV....  New record for slow blogging?  A lot has happened, too; been thinking life’s been going faster than I can blog about it! 

This past weekend, the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) held its annual convention in Richmond, Virginia.  This is the largest homeschool convention in Virginia and one of the larger ones in the country.  It starts Thursday evening early in June each year and runs thru Saturday.  I like to go to the entire convention -- I find the workshops helpful and enjoy the keynote speakers.  The most helpful part, in most ways, is the exhibit hall because I can see the various homeschool materials before choosing curriculum.  It’s also fun to just browse all the books and materials there.

This was not a normal year...  It probably won’t surprise you that after my long Wednesday, I was not ready to go the HEAV Convention on Thursday!  So, I went down on Saturday instead -- and decided to just go to the exhibit hall.  The exhibit hall is huge and has a lot to look at and a lot to be inspired by.  I think the biggest thing that hit me this year was that my nearly 15 year old son has outgrown a lot of the products sold which is not really too surprising since a lot of homeschoolers send their students to public or private schools for high school -- and my son is now high school age.  (How did that happen?)

Saturday was a difficult day for me, though, within about an hour of getting there, I found myself suddenly feeling like doing nothing but sitting -- which was really discouraging as most of the day and planned shopping was still ahead of me.  We decided to have lunch and I figured I could sit for a while and try to rest up some.  Thankfully, that helped and I was able to finish.  My son went with me and helped some, too, though he mostly went around on his own, browsing.  We did buy some books that he wanted, so I was glad he came along.

The one thing I wasn’t able to do was to get information on homeschooling at the high school level.  I found some books but would have loved to go to workshops on that and asked questions.  Thankfully, the talks are available to be downloaded and we have experienced homeschoolers in our immediate area that know me and my son.

We wound up leaving earlier than I wanted to.  I’m slow enough that I usually close the place out.  This year, my son was with me and getting impatient and I got very tired again.  So, we headed north out of Richmond, looking for a restaurant where we could, and I could rest up, again -- and we could eat again, an early dinner...  That worked out and we got home about 7 pm, quite tired, of course.

However, this week, I was noticing, again, that my thyroid was swelling like it did back before I went on thyroid meds.  I don’t know of anyone else that notices this, but I find this happens most of the time when I’m physically more active than my usual -- which is pretty sedentary because I have so little energy.  I can walk our dog about a half mile on our hilly street and it will happen then as well.  I find myself coughing and the I realize the cough is because of my thyroid swelling.  It’s not swelling near enough to actually make it difficult to breath, so it’s not dangerous in that sense, but it is annoying and I can’t help but feel that something’s not right.  That combined with my slowness and total lack of energy, makes me really wonder what’s going on.  My thyroid tests generally show that my thyroid levels are right, even if I’m tested at a time that my thyroid is swollen enough that it’s annoying me.

I don’t know what’s going on with this.  I wonder if it’s some odd result of having both sleep apnea and being hypothyroid or if it’s something completely different.  I am tired of being tired, though.  It’s been years and I’m generally more tired these days than I was a year ago, for example.  I’m getting more out of shape, and been gaining weight, too.  It’s hard to exercise as tired as I am and hard to have the self discipline to lose weight, too.  Actually, it’s kind of hard to just live...  You know, take care of normal stuff -- good thing my son has become much better at doing schoolwork on his own!

I’m planning to find a new endocrinologist and see if he or she can sort this out.  The one I was going to previously dropped our insurance and I had to stop seeing him.

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