Another update on Lisa C

Building our houses on the Rock of God’s Word!

The fire is no longer as close to Lisa’s house as it was and her area is no longer under mandatory evacuation.  It appears her house has survived and is not now in danger -- though the list of houses destroyed on CBS 8 is far from complete.  Still the burn area on the maps does not include her neighborhood and Lisa has been calling her house and getting her answering machine.  The Santa Ana winds have not been as bad today but are likely to pick up again in the morning.

Googles has the ability for people to create maps with geographic information on them.  KPBS Online and the LA Times have both taken advantage of this to create maps of the southern California fires with incredible detail.   KPBS online map shows the San Diego area fires in incredible detail, with estimated fire perimeters, closed highways, locations of shelters, etc.  The Los Angeles map does not include as much detail but covers a broader area.  If you’re wondering how a friend’s house might be doing, these maps will show you, generally, how close their house is to the fires.

Keep praying!  The fires are not as bad, but most are still not contained.  There are a lot of firefighters putting their lives on the line.  Praise God the shelters are well run and people are getting the help they need -- and only two people have died.

Thank You, Lord, for protecting Lisa’s family and house. 
Continue to help them and bless them with Your peace.
Thank You for the firefighters; bless and protect them, too.
Thank You, Lord!
In Jesus’ Loving Name,

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