Peace in Chronic Illness update

Check out the Peace in Chronic Illness chat room and blog -- we have lots on our blog and the room is usually quite busy in the evening.  We even have a little widget on the blog to tell you who is in the room before you go in.

I don’t expect a room without problems -- we are human and we all make mistakes.  There were problems in the old room, as we all know.  …

Can I exercise again?

IMG 0067

Being tired all the time has meant that I’ve had difficulty exercising.  When I first went on cpap for my sleep apnea, I did exercise a lot but I found that I was extra tired long after.  I was ice skating with my son back then on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I enjoyed the skating and seemed ok while I was skating -- just the normal sort of tired you get from exercise though that was on top of my usual tired.  …

Peace in Chronic Illness chat

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We have a new name, blog, and site for our chat room; see Peace in Chronic Illness.  There have been entrances to the room on both sites for a while.  I’m taking down the entrance on this site now since there are announcements and prayer requests and other information on the other site that chat room folks should see.  Check out the new site and bookmark it or add it to your favorites!  …

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