Homeschool conference

IMG 0491

I’ve been attending the HEAV homeschool conference in Richmond for the last couple of days.  It’s been really good with a lot of emphasis on history -- Virginia is a good place to think about American history!

One thought:  Stories we tell our children can connect them to the past.  Many of our founding fathers were heroes whose Christian faith led them to be the heroes they were -- to stand for what is right and to spread the faith.  …

Chat room announcements

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For those of you who come to the Rest Ministries chat room, there are a couple announcements:

1. If you would like to make sure no one else uses your username, you can now get a password for it.  This will make usernames unique and will help us sort out who is who when folks come to the room.  If you would like a password, email Ron and tell him the username and password you want to use; use the subject Chatroom Password so it doesn’t land in his junk mail.  …

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