Long Wednesday - and a miracle?


Last Wednesday, my nephew graduated from high school and I drove into DC with my son to be there.  My nephew is an Eagle Scout and did very well in high school, so we are all proud of him.  Afterwards, we went out for a late lunch and had fun hanging out and talking with family.  My brother has 3 kids and they’re doing great.  I hope my son turns out half as well!

Catching up a bit more


I’ve updated this site a bit.  The biggest change is that it is now hosted on .Mac -- which will make it easier for me to update!  This is a good thing....  This allows me to have some new features and I’ve added one or two others along the way as well:

  • A lot of my photos now have shadows and reflections -- I’ve been having fun adding those!
  • You can now leave comments on both blog articles and photos.  …
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