Reports of my being a nurse are greatly exaggerated


... with apologies to Mark Twain

A funny thing happened at the vet a couple years ago.  We were talking about my kitty when she said to me, “Aren’t you a nurse?”

I was so surprised, I said, “What?”

She replied, “Aren’t you in the medical field?”

“No, I studied computer science in school.”

We laughed.

Then last month, I was with my father-in-law in the ER, and after asking if there would be an alarm if his O2 level dropped below 90%, I told her that story.  …

And then a long Saturday

IMG 2464

I started this article the week after HEAV....  New record for slow blogging?  A lot has happened, too; been thinking life’s been going faster than I can blog about it! 

This past weekend, the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) held its annual convention in Richmond, Virginia.  This is the largest homeschool convention in Virginia and one of the larger ones in the country.  …

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