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We had a great time a couple weeks ago with all the wonderful speakers at NICIAW.  However, afterwards a lot of us were pretty worn out. It took me until the Wednesday after to really recover though that was partly CPAP trouble (see below).  We've had some newbies in the chat room who had come to NICIAW.  But with the regulars so tired the room was more quiet than usual.

This week is NICIAW 2007!

In the Rest Ministries chat room, we’re getting excited about NICIAW 2007 which starts tomorrow.  Since I’m an admin in the room, I’ve also been busy with a lot of details about how the moderated seminars will go.  It looks like it’s all coming together now!

Last year’s sessions were really good and this year’s promise to be, too.  I’ve met some of the speakers and have gotten some sneak peaks at some of what they’re planning to present and it really looks good.  …

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