Another update on Lisa C

The fire is no longer as close to Lisa’s house as it was and her area is no longer under mandatory evacuation.  It appears her house has survived and is not now in danger -- though the list of houses destroyed on CBS 8 is far from complete.  Still the burn area on the maps does not include her neighborhood and Lisa has been calling her house and getting her answering machine.  …

Update on QuietSoul & Lisa C

Good news from QuietSoul: her husband has passed the critical point and will not need to be hospitalized.  Thank you for praying.

Lisa and her family are safely evacuated to a hotel.  However, Lisa did not get much sleep Sunday night.  The burn area shown on CBS 8 is rather closer to her house than before, however.  Keep praying against the Santa Ana winds -- and for the firefighters.

Pray for Lisa C


Lisa C is the founder of Rest Ministries.  She lives in the San Diego area where there are fires threatening houses there.  A town near them is under mandatory evacuation and the Santa Ana winds were blowing.  Those winds are hot and dry, coming off the dessert and there the mountain passes -- they can be hurricane force and spread these fires.  Lisa is packing in case she needs to evacuate.  …

New baby!

AppleofHisEye’s cousin had a baby on October 19!  Click here for a bigger picture.

Update on QuietSoul & family

IMG 1378

Quiet is in the chat room as I type this.  They were in the ER until 4 am, but he did get a good doctor who was able to coordinate with his regular doc.  They’re not sure yet if her husband has MRSA or not; he does have cellulitis.  He’s home again and on a stronger antibiotic.  He’ll need to go back if the cellulitis spreads.

Meanwhile, Quiet’s dad, who does have MRSA, is improving on antibiotics, but her mom is ill now.  …

Prayer request QuietSoul

Please pray for QuietSoul and her husband; she’s taking him to an ER tonight; he might have the superbug, MRSA.  He also as cancer.  As a lot of you know, a lot of things are going on her life these days and it’s a bit overwhelming.  Quiet and her husband trust God, but this is a very tough time.  Drop by the chat room to pray or pray on your own.  Thanks!


It turns out that if you sign up for, you’ll send an invitation to everyone in your address book to be “your friend” on  The invitation will make it sound like you invited them, specifically, and that you’ll be disappointed if they don’t reply -- in reality, you never even meant to send it.  So, if you get an invitation to be someone’s “friend” from

Who is the kitty in the window?

IMG 2617

Every so often, I’ll type in the chat room, “brb; kitty in the window”.  Now, “brb” means “be right back”, but when I got back, I’d see questions about the kitty.  Well, it turns out that my cat, Pepper, jumps into the window behind me where I sit at my computer when he wants to come back in the house.  I decided to post a picture of him in the window so you’d know what I mean next time.  

My favorite photos!

IMG 1331

I decided to go ahead and add my favorite photos to this site.  I discovered along the way that the slide shows on the photo pages was set up to show the photos only slightly larger than they appear on the page itself.  I’ve changed that now and the slideshow now appears in a full screen window which is big, but the photos themselves are not huge, so shouldn’t take too long to download.  …

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