Election results - both stunned and proud


In the days before the election, I knew it was likely that Obama would win, but I was hoping that he wouldn’t, even refusing to believe that he wouldn’t.  In fact, I was still stuck on how the Democrats had managed to even nominate him.  As much as Hilary Clinton’s values differ from mine, at least she has some experience.  So, when Fox News announced that Obama had won, I was stunned.

Why I'm voting for McCain - Palin

US Flag

I’m going to vote for McCain because of these issues:

Health  Moving towards government sponsored health care will not reduce paperwork or reduce the expense -- or make health care better overall.  In theory, one payer should reduce expenses, but as the defense industry if they find government contracting efficient!

“Spread the wealth”  The purpose of taxes is to share the expenses for things done better together than separately, like defense, schools, highways, infrastructure (not all federal, of course).  …

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