Merry Christmas!

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One of my favorite Christmas memories was the first Christmas that I knew Jesus.  I was only about 10, and I remember sitting looking at the baby Jesus in our little manger, in awe that the story of Jesus was really true.  I got out my Bible, searched around a bit, and managed to find the Christmas story.  Then I sat there on the rug in the living room of our house, reading the story by our tree and our nativity, savoring it. …

Chat room working!

I just set up a chat room for us!  It looks just like the old one from Rest Ministries.  It doesn’t allow more than seven people yet, and I don’t have all the options set, etc, but it works!  We’re still researching chat software; I’ll let you know about any changes before they happen.

Please read the Chat notes before entering the room.  We will have rules for the room and logins with passwords, but I want to get the room up sooner rather than later as we have a lot of  people hurting right now without the Rest Ministries chat room.

New chat room coming!

Lisa C has decided to close the Rest Ministries chat room completely and so closed it last night.  She explains her reasons on the page that used to lead to the room.  This is a sad time for us as many of us have made friends there and have shared a lot of life together there.

In my last blog, I promised to make sure there was a place for us to meet and share.  …

No CARE chats after January 4

The CARE chat hosts received email from Carolann this morning saying that there will be no more CARE chats after January 4.  I just deleted those chats from the online calendar; it’s a sad time...    I’m assuming that the HopeKeepers chat on Thursday nights and Ron’s fellowship hour on Tuesday afternoons will continue.

I will promise you that we will continue to have a place we can meet to support each other -- and share as we have for so long, one way or another...  …

Prayer request from Momof6

I just heard from Momof6 that her daughter’s fiance, Matt, was in a bad traffic accident yesterday. His car is totaled, and he was hurt; he now has bad back and neck pain.  He also lost consciousness for a while.  He was supposed to fly down to visit for Christmas but may not be able to.  The wedding is set for April 6.  Mom’s daughter is very stressed over this and has lupus, so the stress is causing her a lot of pain.

New login & Code of Behavior

As of December 3, we have a new login procedure in the chat room and a Code of Behavior that we agree to before we go in the room.  Both have caused some confusion and some of you have stopped coming to the room.  I hope to clarify some things here.

On the login procedure:  Note that the blanks on the top right side of the main page are not used to reach the chat room -- they’re to sign up for email from Rest Ministries.  …

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