Can I exercise again?

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Our first snow storm was about a month ago -- a rather small one, but it was quite early in the year.

Being tired all the time has meant that I’ve had difficulty exercising.  When I first went on cpap for my sleep apnea, I did exercise a lot but I found that I was extra tired long after.  I was ice skating with my son back then on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I enjoyed the skating and seemed ok while I was skating -- just the normal sort of tired you get from exercise though that was on top of my usual tired.  I worked that hard part of the time I was skating, but I also was on and of the ice and spent a fair amount of time standing in place while helping some of the kids learn to do crossovers, etc.  However, when i stopped, I didn’t recover to feeling mostly normal in the 15 minutes or so that I remember it took back when I was in phys ed at school.  In fact, I would feel extra tired all the rest of that day and all day the next day.  At some point, someone mentioned that this was classic over-training which was rather hard to believe.  Plus, it turns out that the walking involved in going to church on Sundays had the same effect -- there were stairs, but over training?  The upshot of all this is that I was extra tired most of the time -- I guess Saturday was the only day I wasn’t, most weeks.  I persisted for maybe three years but eventually gave up.

Lately, I haven’t exercised at all -- I haven’t even been walking our dog much.  But yesterday, I went shopping and did quite a lot of walking around at the mall. I really felt tired while doing it, but that same evening, I realized I’d nearly recovered from the walking!  I’m excited now.  I think this means I can start exercising some.  I think I get tired faster while I’m exercising, but if it doesn’t wipe me out for two days, maybe i can build up as I go.  And if I can exercise maybe I can lose weight and then my apnea should ease up some.  A lower cpap pressure would be a big help.  I guess that’s a bit too optimistic, but maybe I can at least start walking the dog again.

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