Catching up a bit more

I’ve updated this site a bit.  The biggest change is that it is now hosted on .Mac -- which will make it easier for me to update!  This is a good thing....  This allows me to have some new features and I’ve added one or two others along the way as well:

  • A lot of my photos now have shadows and reflections -- I’ve been having fun adding those!
  • You can now leave comments on both blog articles and photos.  I’m looking forward to getting some comments, so please comment!
  • There’s now a search box on the top right of my home page to search my site.
  • There’s a new widget in the left column of my home page called “Interesting articles from blogs I read” which lists the last 5 articles I’ve “shared” on google reader.  Some are fun; others I found thought provoking.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything in those articles, but I hope you enjoy them.

Azaleas from one of our bushes this spring

The photo to the left is one of the many photos I’ve taken this spring...  I’m hoping to get more up Real Soon Now, though the next thing on my todo list for adding content to the web is to write guidelines for the Peace in Chronic Illness chat and blog.  We’ve needed those for a long time...

I was re-reading my earlier post about our new chat room and the old Rest Ministries chat room.  In retrospect, there really were not many problems in the old room.  Towards the end, the main problem we had was when too many people were trying to help a single person who would feel overwhelmed by so many people talking to them at once.  Less often, someone would say something that would hurt someone else in the room.  We would handle these things when they came up and, by and large, things went smoothly.  Along the way, I have learned much, some of it the hard way...

No room and no person is perfect, but most of the time, the room was a great support for many and that is what is being rebuilt in the new room: a safe place for all, even with our imperfections.

The new room has been running smoothly.  It hasn’t been terribly busy but friendships in the room are deepening and I have a feeling it will start picking up again soon.  If you have my aim/msn/yahoo id, I am flagging in my status when people are talking in the room.  Generally, if my status is available, I’m either talking in the room or available to talk in the room.  Let me know if you want my aim/msn/yahoo ids.

You can also subscribe to the Peace in Chronic Illness blog via email; go to there and scroll down a bit and look for the section in the right hand column titled “Subscribe”.  There’s a box where you can enter your email address so you will get notifications when there are new blog articles.  I’m hoping to set up email subscription here as well.

Keep praying folks...  God is good; He is still working!  Accept one another; Jesus has accepted us!  We all make mistakes; thank God His grace is sufficient!

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