Chat room announcements

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Some flowers my son gave me for mother’s day

For those of you who come to the Rest Ministries chat room, there are a couple announcements:

1. If you would like to make sure no one else uses your username, you can now get a password for it.  This will make usernames unique and will help us sort out who is who when folks come to the room.  If you would like a password, email Ron and tell him the username and password you want to use; use the subject Chatroom Password so it doesn’t land in his junk mail.  This will also allow you to reconnect to the room without having to add something to your user name when you lose your internet connection.

2. If you want to change usernames, you may -- and many have changed from time to time.  However, you are no longer allowed to change without letting an admin know.

Thanks much!

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