Chat room working!

I just set up a chat room for us!  It looks just like the old one from Rest Ministries.  It doesn’t allow more than seven people yet, and I don’t have all the options set, etc, but it works!  We’re still researching chat software; I’ll let you know about any changes before they happen.

Please read the Chat notes before entering the room.  We will have rules for the room and logins with passwords, but I want to get the room up sooner rather than later as we have a lot of  people hurting right now without the Rest Ministries chat room.

Welcome to the room!

Father God,
Be with us as we begin this new room.
Thank You for Your help and love thru this time.
Guide us; bless those who come to the room!
In Jesus’ Loving Name,

© liz4cps 2018