Family research

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The Tennessee state capitol building in Nashville. The state library is across the street from it.

Our family reunion was enjoyable this week though I haven’t had much time to blog.  We had family from age 2 thru 96!  A couple families were missing, though.  We have already begun planning next year’s reunion in hopes of getting more people there.  But we had fun catching up -- I even compared notes about England with Angela who is originally from England.  We also talked about the family mystery in our genealogy research -- a great grandfather of my husband’s about whom we’ve been able to find out very little.

Natchez Trace is a beautiful place to hold the reunion.  It has a lake which we boated on last year and a lodge that meets the needs of our older family members.  There is a lot of kudzu in it -- acres of it you can see from the road on the drive in.  The lodge and lake area have been cleaned up but the large areas of the park still covered with kudzu are a bit depressing.

After our family reunion, I drove to the Henderson Co library in Lexington which has a genealogy research room and folders with information about families in the area.  I was able to find a little bit of information there, including obituaries for Jessie and Johnie, both uncles of my husband.  Johnie died in 2002 so there wasn’t anything new there; Jessie died in 1942 and had some new information, at least to me.

We then drove to visit one of my husband’s cousins who is also doing research and had the death certificate for the mystery great grandfather.  This included the name of his father and while we weren’t sure if it was accurate, it did give me a lead.  We next drove to Nashville and the state library and archives.  There I found a census entry for the great grandfather’s possible family of origin.  More research is definitely needed.

After a day of research, we went to the Grand Ole Opry and I really enjoyed it though my son didn’t!  I’m not up on some of the older artists and so didn’t recognize many of the names on the program, but I recognized many of the songs.  There were a few, like Lorrie Morgan(!) that I did know.  There was a family blue grass band that was completely new to me but amazing to listen to -- very fast fingers!

The next day, we took some time off to relax by the pool at the hotel in Nashville and to visit the Adventure Science Center which my son loved and had a lot of neat stuff.  The coolest thing was a flight simulator which allows you to fly and turns you sideways and upside down, making it feel like you’re really flying.  Our only problem was that my son found it very hard to control and we spent a lot of our flight upside down and flying into the ground!

We’re presently in Virginia with about 5 more hours driving to get home.  We’re planning to stop, briefly, in Harrisonburg at the Shenandoah Folk Art Museum and Heritage Center for a brief check on materials relating to my mom’s family.

I’ve been holding up pretty well -- a bit tired at times as to be expected.  I have had some down time and used it to read and play with Rubik’s cubes.  I figured out how to solve the Rubik’s cube many years ago while a grad student at the Univ of Maryland -- as did the other grad students in computer science.  It took 6 weeks!  My husband’s uncle & aunt had one sitting around and I’ve played with it some while visiting them and realized that I’d forgotten how to solve it.  I took it with me and worked with it in the hotel room and finally got my method sorted out again.  I wound up buying one so I could practice.  A friend wants to know how I solve and it, so I’ll see if I can post an article on that later.

Well, I need to head on up the road towards Harrisonburg, so I’m off!

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