Homeschool conference

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A booth in the exhibit hall selling maps for homeschoolers

I’ve been attending the HEAV homeschool conference in Richmond for the last couple of days.  It’s been really good with a lot of emphasis on history -- Virginia is a good place to think about American history!

One thought:  Stories we tell our children can connect them to the past.  Many of our founding fathers were heroes whose Christian faith led them to be the heroes they were -- to stand for what is right and to spread the faith.  Political correctness rewrites too many of our stories to make them wishy-washy and boring.  The native American culture is shown to be superior but, in truth, it was not.  So, instead of telling our kids these wonderful stories, they watch tv about kid heroes and learn different stories which are fiction and leave God completely out.  The stories aren’t necessarily bad, but they don’t have the power of the true ones, nor the ability to connect the kids to the past -- and can inspire them to connect their own kids to it and so connects them to the future as well.

Lord Jesus, 
thank You
for the wonderful heritage
we Americans have;
help us communicate it
to our kids.

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