Tettigonia virdissima nymph on Phleum pratense

The katydid photo is from Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

The audio recording is mine.

I went outside this evening and the katydids were so loud, I decided to record them and to post them.  Even on normal years, when I go outside, they’re loud enough that I wonder sometimes how loud I need to call the cats so they can hear me over the katydids!  This year they seem louder than ever and they seem to keep getting louder....

When you listen to the recording, the katydids sort of sounds like white noise, but then you hear them rising and falling.  I started recording this in the front yard; you can hear me talking to Luath; I was throwing a frisbee for him.  I then pick up Leia and we all come inside where the katydids aren’t near so loud.  I then go in the backyard with just Luath to call for Sakura.  She came in later on.

PS  This is a truly random blog!

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