My favorite photos!

IMG 1331

One of my favorite photos; a butterfly I found on King’s Mountain, North Carolina

I decided to go ahead and add my favorite photos to this site.  I discovered along the way that the slide shows on the photo pages was set up to show the photos only slightly larger than they appear on the page itself.  I’ve changed that now and the slideshow now appears in a full screen window which is big, but the photos themselves are not huge, so shouldn’t take too long to download.  It’s actually kind of cool looking with reflections similar to how iTunes shows album covers.

The favorite photos are ones from my iPhoto albums taken by myself, my husband, or my son.  Not all of them are artistic; some just have a lot of sentimental value to me.  I have rather long captions on some of these photos since they cover various events; most of my albums have much shorter captions.  I’ve also changed reorganized the photos, taking advantage of the new “albums” page feature in iWeb’08.

I do have a lot more photos I would like to put up.  I have family reunion pictures from August that my father-in-law wants to see Real Soon Now, and I’d also like to put up pages of pet pictures and of my son, things like that.  I’ll have to see how things go.  Being chronically ill means it’s even harder than for most people to plan when you’ll be able to do things.

Thank You, Lord for the beautiful world You’ve made
and for the ability to take pictures to help us remember 
what we’ve seen and where we’ve been.

© liz4cps 2018