New chat room coming!

Lisa C has decided to close the Rest Ministries chat room completely and so closed it last night.  She explains her reasons on the page that used to lead to the room.  This is a sad time for us as many of us have made friends there and have shared a lot of life together there.

In my last blog, I promised to make sure there was a place for us to meet and share.  I had hoped we could continue to work within Rest Ministries on that because that ministry does have much to offer and the room has been a blessing and help to so many of us.  However, it is clear we will not be able to do so, and so I plan to set up a chat room on this site instead.

I hope to have something preliminary up sooner rather than later as I know how important having the room is to many of us.  Eventually, we will need a mission statement and guidelines for the room; I believe we can have those and still be free to share, pray, and laugh together.

Meanwhile, remember that God is in control.  He loves each of you more than you can even imagine.  “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son” (John 3:16).  We can trust Him and His amazing love thru this time.  One day we will stand before Jesus, whole in every way, rejoicing in Him.  Keep talking to Him, keep trusting Him.

Father God,

Be with of the folks in the chat room community.
Carry them thru this time...
So many are hurting already in so many ways.
Help them to know You are there and You do care,
and You will make a way for us.

Thank You for Christmas,
Thank You for sending Jesus!
How amazing!

In Jesus’ Loving Name,

© liz4cps 2018