New login & Code of Behavior

As of December 3, we have a new login procedure in the chat room and a Code of Behavior that we agree to before we go in the room.  Both have caused some confusion and some of you have stopped coming to the room.  I hope to clarify some things here.

On the login procedure:  Note that the blanks on the top right side of the main page are not used to reach the chat room -- they’re to sign up for email from Rest Ministries.  To get to the chat room, you need to scroll down and click on “I agree” down below the Code of Behavior.  On the next page, you type in your name and email address and “Click to Next Page” at the bottom.  At that point, you will arrive on the page where you can type your username and enter the room.  You can go ahead and bookmark this page or add it to your favorites so you can come straight to this page.  There’s no need to fill in the user information every time you come to the room.

On the Code of Behavior:  Some of you have wondered if I wrote the Code; I did not.  It was written by Lisa C, Carolann, and Ron.  Lisa C, of course, is the founder of Rest Ministries; she and the Rest Ministries board have final say on decisions at the ministry.  Carolann organizes the CARE chats in the room, and at one time was liaison for Lisa to the chat room; I am unsure of her role now.  Most of you know Ron as a_ron; he is the head admin in the chat room.

The transition to using the Code has not gone smoothly as Deni, Crafting, and I did not know about the Code ahead of time -- and we still have questions of our own.  So,we are emailing behind the scenes trying to sort things out.  Consequently, we have not actually changed too much about how we handle things in the room.

Much of the Code, of course, makes sense and is consistent with what we have been doing in the room all along: no profanity, no non-Christian teaching, and no pushing that all should be healed today, etc.  The admins are still trying to sort out what the rest of it means.  Given our own uncertainty, we are not going to come down hard on you if you say something that may not be allowed by the new Code but was allowed previously.  I will let you know about the changes as we do implement them.  Meanwhile, if you have questions, please let me know.

There are a few of the things I can clarify:

  • Non-Christians:  The first paragraph almost makes it sound like only Christians are welcome in the room; that is not true.  The room is a Christian room, but non-Christians are welcome to join us.
  • Private messages:  Private messages were not monitored before the new Code went into effect.  We will not likely look at transcripts of private messages unless you ask us to or some kind of problem comes up.  For example, on a couple of occasions, someone has come in the room and pm’d everyone to try and get money or try and upset everyone.  In those cases, we are likely to look at the pms.
  • Shout filter:  The shout filter is actually turned off because having it on was confusing.  It turns out that if someone types ALL CAPS that person sees ALL CAPS, but everyone else sees All Caps.  It can also causes problem with links; the person who posts a link which has a lot of capital letters can click on it and it works, but it doesn’t work for anyone else.  We have had this problem with links to youtube videos.
  • Posting links:  This section of the Code is probably the most vague and confusing -- and has a loophole in it which all but allows any link to be posted...  So, we will not be real strict in enforcing it until we have a better idea what was intended.
  • Jokes:  The room doesn’t always have to be serious.  Joking around is good and rarely causes problems.  The main thing to remember is to be really clear when you’re joking; you can use smilies and lol to help here.  Also, be ready to drop the joking when someone comes in who needs support.

Keep an eye on my blog for updates.  You might want to subscribe to the feed for the blog to make this easier.  I use Google reader to subscribe to blogs; that way, I can look in just one place to see any updates to the blogs I like to follow.

Lord Jesus,
Be with us and the leaders of Rest Ministries during this transition.
Help us to trust that You are in control.
May Your peace rule in our hearts.
Thank You! 

© liz4cps 2018