No CARE chats after January 4

The CARE chat hosts received email from Carolann this morning saying that there will be no more CARE chats after January 4.  I just deleted those chats from the online calendar; it’s a sad time...    I’m assuming that the HopeKeepers chat on Thursday nights and Ron’s fellowship hour on Tuesday afternoons will continue.

I will promise you that we will continue to have a place we can meet to support each other -- and share as we have for so long, one way or another...  Keep an eye on this site!

Current prayer requests:  

  • Matt is home and feeling much better; thanks for praying.
  • QuietSoul’s husband is in the hospital to begin the process of getting a bone marrow transplant; pray that goes smoothly and that his bone lesions have not spread.
  • AppleofHisEye fell last night and hurt her arm and shoulder, broke her glasses and got a scratch near her eye.

Father God,
Be with us thru these times of change.
Thank You for Christmas, for sending Jesus!
Thank You that Matt is so much better.
Be with Quiet Soul and her husband;
give wisdom to his docs & help him heal.
Be with Apple; help her to heal.
Thank You for peace & help in times of trouble.
In Jesus’ Loving Name,

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