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The Appalachian Mountains from an overlook on I-26 somewhere south of Johnson City, Tennessee.

We have a new name, blog, and site for our chat room; see Peace in Chronic Illness.  There have been entrances to the room on both sites for a while.  I’m taking down the entrance on this site now since there are announcements and prayer requests and other information on the other site that chat room folks should see.  Check out the new site and bookmark it or add it to your favorites!  We have chats scheduled and God is blessing us in the room. 

I am very thankful that both Deni (QuietSoul51) and Deb (craftingrama) are working with me.  I don't have the time, energy or wisdom to do this on my own!  With the new site, they can post to the blog as well as act as admins in the room.

Others from the old community have also set up chat rooms.  There are different needs out there -- and there are certainly enough chronically ill people out there to fill a lot of chat rooms!  I don't really like the split in the community, but people from the old room have different needs and feel led in different directions in this ministry.  So, I'm trusting that God is leading us and helping us thru this time, too.  I do hope we can build bridges and continue to support each other -- and this does involve visiting each other’s rooms!  Shep and I are visiting and helping each other as well.

Meanwhile, things are going well in the Peace in Chronic Illness room -- and I am grateful to God as He is leading as we pray and chat.  And we still have silly times, too!  Hope you drop by!

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