Peace in Chronic Illness update

Check out the Peace in Chronic Illness chat room and blog -- we have lots on our blog and the room is usually quite busy in the evening.  We even have a little widget on the blog to tell you who is in the room before you go in.

I don’t expect a room without problems -- we are human and we all make mistakes.  There were problems in the old room, as we all know.  I am hoping, of course, that things will go more smoothly in the new room -- having good guidelines will help.  I am planning to draft those in the next few days.  If you have a problem with something I did in the old room or that I do in the new room, please let me know.  Being an admin in a chat room is not easy and I did feel overwhelmed at times in the old room.  I did get some feedback but very little; I wish I had gotten more.  In fact, if you have feedback, please send it to me!  Thanks.

We are beginning to reach out on the internet to share God’s peace and hope with folks who are ill, too many of whom have been feel God is rejecting them or that they must not have enough faith or they would have been healed by now.  Please pray for us as we do this.  God bless!

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