Pray for Lisa C


My husband and son in a photo taken while we were hiking in the mountains near Glendale.  It shows you something of how it looks in the brush areas in southern California.

Lisa C is the founder of Rest Ministries.  She lives in the San Diego area where there are fires threatening houses there.  A town near them is under mandatory evacuation and the Santa Ana winds were blowing.  Those winds are hot and dry, coming off the dessert and there the mountain passes -- they can be hurricane force and spread these fires.  Lisa is packing in case she needs to evacuate.  Please pray for her health -- it will be very hard for her not to overdo.  Also pray for their safety and that they not lose their house.  Also, pray for wisdom about what they should bring and what they should do as they pack -- and what Lisa shouldn’t do!

I talked to Kara, her assistant.  Lisa has evacuated due to the smoke and ash in the area.  Their area is not under  official evacuation yet.  One house in their town is listed as destroyed, but it’s a few miles from their house -- and the area between is suburban, not brush area.  The fire is unlikely to spread across that much urban area.  There is a brush area south of Lisa’s house, however, that is much closer.  Presently, there is not a fire in that area.

This brings back memories for me as we nearly lost our house to a wildfire in California in October 1993 when my son was 2.5 months old.  We lived in Altadena and a homeless man, about 5 miles away, had started a fire to keep warm -- the fire spread quickly and would have destroyed our house if the Santa Ana winds had blown as had been predicted.  God was good to us.

Father God,
Thank You for Lisa 
and all she has done for us thru Rest Ministries
We pray for her now; 
Keep her and her family safe;
help Lisa not to flare.
Keep their house and the Rest Ministries office safe.
Carry them thru this time, in Your peace.
Thank You for Your peace and amazing love.
We pray in Jesus’ Awesome Name,

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