This week is NICIAW 2007!

In the Rest Ministries chat room, we’re getting excited about NICIAW 2007 which starts tomorrow.  Since I’m an admin in the room, I’ve also been busy with a lot of details about how the moderated seminars will go.  It looks like it’s all coming together now!

Last year’s sessions were really good and this year’s promise to be, too.  I’ve met some of the speakers and have gotten some sneak peaks at some of what they’re planning to present and it really looks good.  We’re having sessions at noon, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm Monday thru Friday this week (Sept 10-14) each day this week Check our schedule for more details.  We have a lot of good speakers coming in.  A few topics that caught my eye are:

  • “Touching Lives for God... in Sickness and in Health” with Carol A. Krejci, Tuesday at 4pm edt
  • “Taking a Stand: How to Avoid Medical Mistakes” with Janet Lynn Mitchell, author Taking a Stand and patient advocate, Wednesday, noon edt.
  • “Blogging About Your Illness” with Sherril Johnson, Wednesday, 6 pm edt.
  • “Time Management - How it can make a difference with your illness” with Karen Whiting, Friday 6 pm edt.

There are a lot of other good ones, too.  It’s hard to pick just a few to list here!

To get to the room, go to Rest Ministries Chat room, wait for it to load, type your name in the box (whatever you want), and click “Connect”.  That will take you to our Lobby where we hang out and chat a lot.  The seminars are in the NICIAW room.  To get there, click on “Show rooms” on the left above the user names and then double click on NICIAW.  If you have questions, there will be someone in the lobby who can help out.  Once in the room, you can use the ASK box to send questions to the speaker or moderator; please don’t use SEND during the sessions.

Hope you enjoy it!

Lord Jesus, 
thank You for NICIAW; 
for the speakers and volunteers;
for the opportunity to share Your awesome love.
Help those who come learn to trust You
and to know Your comfort & peace!

© liz4cps 2018