Traveling with chronic illness

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The view from our hotel in southwestern Virginia

We started driving down to Tennessee, driving about half the way yesterday which worked out to about 6 hours.  Tomorrow will be about 7 hours.  This trip used to take longer when the speed limits were 55 mph!  My husband does the trip in one day, but since I am tired a lot of the time, I decided to take it in two days.  That also gives me more time to stop and take pictures.

Traveling with a chronic illness also means I have to take along extra stuff -- in my case meds (which is easy enough) but also my autopap machine and all its gear.  My autopap is for sleep apnea and is like a cpap machine except it’s supposed to adjust the pressure as needed while you’re sleeping.  It doesn’t work great for me as I have an sleep breathing problem which it doesn’t seem to recognize.  But I sleep a lot better with it than without.  All its gear means the tubes, mask, headgear, humidifier, and all the wires for that.  My son fantasizes about having an RV -- I think it would make it easier if it meant I didn’t need to set up and tear down all this gear every time we go in and out of a hotel!

Traveling for me also means keeping caffeine in the car while driving.  At this point, it’s not near as critical as it used to be, before my sleep apnea was treated at all.  I don’t sleep quite normally but sleep tons better and am not nearly as sleepy as I used to be.  Still, I’m a little paranoid about this and always keep cokes in the car and stop frequently for coffee & cappuccino as well.  The sweetness of the coke gets to me after a while, so I like to have coffee part of the time, especially when I start out and after dark.  It’s a bit hot here during the day for coffee then!

I called the front desk here and asked if they could extend our checkout to 1 pm instead of noon to do this and relax a bit.  But if I don’t sign off now, I won’t even make that!

Thanking the Lord for safe travel and beautiful weather!

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