Update on QuietSoul & family

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The Appalachian Mountains from an overlook on I-26 somewhere south of Johnson City, Tennessee.

Quiet is in the chat room as I type this.  They were in the ER until 4 am, but he did get a good doctor who was able to coordinate with his regular doc.  They’re not sure yet if her husband has MRSA or not; he does have cellulitis.  He’s home again and on a stronger antibiotic.  He’ll need to go back if the cellulitis spreads.

Meanwhile, Quiet’s dad, who does have MRSA, is improving on antibiotics, but her mom is ill now.  Quiet is disinfecting her house.

Continue to pray for them...

Father God,
Thank You for helping Quiet and her husband last night.
Continue to be with them, guide their steps; help her husband get better.
Strengthen Quiet and help her not to flare.
Thank You for Your love and help!
In Jesus’ Awesome Name, we pray

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