Ups & downs of weight loss

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My dad and I in the backyard of my uncle in Devonshire, England

The bad news is that I gained weight during my trip...  The good new is that I’m losing it again pretty quickly...

As some of you know, I’ve been counting calories and been able to lose weight pretty steadily since mid-May.  Previously, I had also lost weight between August 2004 and July 2005.  I stopped counting calories after July 2005 -- and started gaining slowly again.  That was due to last year’s vacation.  This year, I did better counting calories during vacation but wound up estimating a lot -- and I gained about 5 lbs because I was eating more than usual.

When home, I do eat out fairly often but rarely more than once a day.  I find that one meal eaten out, even when I’m smart about it (saying “no mayo” for no mayonnaise, for example), is such a large portion of the days calories, that I can’t eat more than one meal out and keep to a reasonable total of calories for the day.  On vacation, I’m eating out three times a day, most days, and the wonderful foods were just too tempting -- barbecue, catfish, and lots of wonderful foods I don’t often eat.  So, I enjoyed myself, but set my weight loss back a bit.  I am grateful to God, though, that this extra weight is mostly off already.  I’m actually wondering now if a larger portion of the weight was due to water than I would think.

My weight problems are a little unusual in that I didn’t really get heavy until I was in my mid 30’s.  You can see in the picture above (with my dad in England), that at age 23, I was still thin.  At that time, I joked that I’d grown tall so fast, that I didn’t have time to get fat!  No doubt that was part of the story, but I also wasn’t given to pigging out when upset like so many people seem to be.  When I got upset, my stomach would be in knots, and the last thing I wanted to do was to put a lot of food in it!  Even then, though, I had a sense that exercising was very important to my health -- more so than it seemed to be to others around me.  It turns out that was correct as I was keeping my sleep apnea mostly away, though I was as yet undiagnosed.

So, how did I wind up heavy?  Well, eventually, I got too busy to exercise -- and my sleep apnea got a bit worse and then really bad after we moved back east.  My weight crept up until I was about 70 lbs overweight.  Then, because the sleep apnea was not treated properly, I went thru a time when I was very hungry a lot and I gained over 50 lbs more.  If it was possible for me to really sleep right, I’d likely lose a lot of weight without a lot of effort; other sleep apnea patients have found this is true.  I finally got my apnea treatment working much better, but to this day, it doesn’t work right,

Once I started sleeping fairly well, I found that I could lose weight if I followed a plan much like I’m following now, by counting calories and using my weight and calorie history to determine how much I should be eating.  Praise God!  This has been working and I’m down to about 80 lbs overweight.  I am losing weight steadily, except for that vacation time!

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