Hiccups in feed, Facebook like


Hiccups in laundry?

I have had some trouble deciding how I want dates to work as there is both a Date Created and a Date Modified for each page and you can tell Sandvox which to use to display on each blog post and which to use to sort the blog posts in the blog.  In some ways, it would make more sense to have a Date Published, but I've been kind of shifting back and forth and those of you who are subscribing to the blog via email have probably been wondering why the Katydid post came up on the top of the list this morning instead of my recent blog post, Thoughts about Sovereign Grace Ministries.  Well, I'm not sure either but it's probably because I've been messing with the dates.  I did more of that today, so who knows what will be on the top of the list tomorrow (Monday), but hopefully this will be.  After that, hopefully, it will settle down.  I am still moving posts from my old site here; I don't know if they will show up in the feed as if they're new posts.  Hopefully, things will settle down after tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience!

One new fun thing is that my Facebook like in the right column now likes this particular page which probably makes more sense liking the whole site (though you can still do that from my home page, if you want to I'd appreciate it).  The tweet count is also for this particular page, so that's more consistent.

Another nice thing is I just added the comments feed for the entire site to the bottom of our home page and made some comment counts visible on my pages.  That should make it easier to find new comments on the site.

I'm probably going on too much about technical details, but I'm sort of built that way.

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