I like to talk tech sometimes, but it's kind of a distraction in my blog, so I'll put techie posts here instead.

Hiccups in feed, Facebook like


I have had some trouble deciding how I want dates to work as there is both a Date Created and a Date Modified for each page and you can tell Sandvox which to use to display on each blog post and which to use to sort the blog posts in the blog.  In some ways, it would make more sense to have a Date Published, but I've been kind of shifting back and forth and those of you who are subscribing to the blog via email have probably been wondering why the Katydid post came up on the top of the list this morning instead of my recent blog post, 

New software: from iWeb to Sandvox

Flowers from our bush

My theme this month seems to be new software...  I'm in the process of converting this site from iWeb to Sandvox which is a fair amount of work as you have to copy over each blog post, one at a time and then fix formatting on links in the post.  I will miss iWeb in some ways as it had a lot of nice features for making a very pretty site.  …

Updates to site


Just wanted to mention a couple new things on the site.

On my home page, there’s now a link to use if you want to subscribe to my blog by email as well as a link to the RSS feed.

I’m also twittering now, so have added a twitter feed -- “what I’m doing now” though at times it’s my last response to someone else’s twitter.  …

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