Finding peace when all feels crazy

In our Peace in Chronic Illness chat room and in the old Rest Ministries chat room, there've been many times when someone is facing problems that leave them feeling like nearly everything has been taken away from them.  Perhaps life has been turned upside down with terrible pain that goes on and on or perhaps problem after problem is coming and, with existing illness, it is difficult or impossible to see how you can handle it all.  …

About childhood trauma

I talk to a lot of people who have trauma from their childhoods and see the struggles they have in their lives today and in trying to heal.  They need love, acceptance, and a lot of listening to.  I think a lot of people not touched by trauma know, at least intellectually, that such trauma leaves long lasting scars and makes the victim’s life more difficult.  …

Thoughts about Sovereign Grace Ministries

Years ago, I was member of Covenant Life Church (CLC), the flagship church of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM).  My experience at CLC was overall quite good.  I grew in knowing and worshiping the Lord and respected the leadership.  My best friends were there as we joined while we were in college, and just after.  Their acceptance of me and respect for me helped me grow and heal -- helped me to forgive the hurts I had from when I was a kid.  …

HEAV 2011 Homeschool Conference

My son, Iain, and I sent to HEAV 2011, probably the biggest homeschool conference in the country.  It was held in Richmond, Virginia earlier this month.  I've been going every year for quite a few years now since Iain is almost 18 and we've been homeschooling quite a while.  Probably the biggest reason I go is because of what you can see on the left here; the huge exhibit hall.  …

Invisible Illness Week -- September 13-19, 2010

Each year, Rest Ministries sponsors Invisible Illness Week and holds a conference.  The links below are to the Blog Talk Radio pages for each session; you can go there either at the time given or later to listen to the session.

Monday, September 13, 1:30 pm eastern/US  Living with Chronic Illness: Why It Hurts, How to Cope

Tuesday, September 14, 1:30 pm eastern/US


Tettigonia virdissima nymph on Phleum pratense

I went outside this evening and the katydids were so loud, I decided to record them and to post them.  Even on normal years, when I go outside, they’re loud enough that I wonder sometimes how loud I need to call the cats so they can hear me over the katydids!  This year they seem louder than ever and they seem to keep getting louder....

When you listen to the recording, the katydids sort of sounds like white noise, but then you hear them rising and falling.  …

Having fun taking photos

Another catch!

I’ve been taking a lot of photos the last few weeks, mostly of my favorite subjects.  I’ve found it’s quite stress relieving though I seem to take them faster than I can sort, crop, title, and post them!  I’m thrilled that I finally got some nice shots of Luath catching a frisbee.

You can now subscribe to my photo albums directly so you get an email when I post a new album, though unlike the blog, you will need to go to the website to see the actual photos.  …

Catching up

IMG 0100

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Part of my problem in keeping up with things in general is that for me time goes really fast because of being tired.  I had notice, like most of you no doubt have, that as I got older, time seemed to go faster.  Then, a few years ago, I had a week or two of being a lot more awake than usual and noticed that time really slowed down.  …

Election results - both stunned and proud


In the days before the election, I knew it was likely that Obama would win, but I was hoping that he wouldn’t, even refusing to believe that he wouldn’t.  In fact, I was still stuck on how the Democrats had managed to even nominate him.  As much as Hilary Clinton’s values differ from mine, at least she has some experience.  So, when Fox News announced that Obama had won, I was stunned.

Why I'm voting for McCain - Palin

US Flag

I’m going to vote for McCain because of these issues:

Health  Moving towards government sponsored health care will not reduce paperwork or reduce the expense -- or make health care better overall.  In theory, one payer should reduce expenses, but as the defense industry if they find government contracting efficient!

“Spread the wealth”  The purpose of taxes is to share the expenses for things done better together than separately, like defense, schools, highways, infrastructure (not all federal, of course).  …

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