Catching up

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My son at a self check out in our grocery store when I got too tired to finish it myself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  Part of my problem in keeping up with things in general is that for me time goes really fast because of being tired.  I had notice, like most of you no doubt have, that as I got older, time seemed to go faster.  Then, a few years ago, I had a week or two of being a lot more awake than usual and noticed that time really slowed down.  It was amazing; I’d be thinking it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday.  It’s much more common for me it to be Friday or something when I’m thinking it’s Wednesday.  When I was the most tired, I could blink and find a half hour had gone by; I never was sure what that was about unless I fell asleep those times.  In any case these things make it hard to manage my time.

In December, I started counting calories again and that pretty much backfired.  I had been gradually gaining weight which seems to happen whenever I’m not counting calories.  I had gained almost up to where I had been at my heaviest and decided I’d better get busy again on recording calories.  However, I almost ran completely out of energy.  I wasn’t sleepy so much as just not moving which is not a good way to be.  My husband brought home Popeye’s chicken one night and I was suddenly back to being myself.  That made me wonder what it was in their chicken that helped so much -- the oil or the salt?  How’s that for unhealthy?  So I gave up for a while and tried to figure out what had gone so wrong.  I didn’t think it was the salt, mainly because I include a fair amount of sea salt in my diet because of my hypothyroid and had continued to do so.  It seemed more likely to be the oil because that was something I’d cut back on while dieting.

Regardless, I gave up on the diet because it was almost Christmas and it was not a good time to be so out of it.  I planned to look at it again in January, but didn’t manage to until just 3 weeks ago.  So, I regained the little weight I’d lost in December, but I’ve lost that again.  My strategy has been to include a little olive oil in my diet and to use whole milk on my cereal.  That only adds 12 calories beyond 2% and is much more filling, so I’m less likely to have more to eat after that.  So, I’m feeling encouraged though it will take a long time to get back to a good weight.  I had counted calories for 2 years and made progress, but then stopped for about 1.5 years.  It’s a little discouraging to have to start over again, but it’s better than continuing to gain!

Some quick notes on other subjects...

Twitter  I’ve been twittering a fair amount and have quite a few followers.  I’ve been having some fun there and getting some practice writing shorter things!

Peace in Chronic Illness  Our chat room is doing really well.  Deni has just started a book study chat on Monday evenings that are going quite well and Mushie is now doing a chat on Sundays.  We’ll have more chats coming soon, too.

Health  I’ve been sleeping a little better the last couple weeks which is quite encouraging.  I’ll blog more about that.  It’s pretty tricky to get the autopap settings right, especially when a setting that is good one night is not good the next.  Using breath right strips seems to help my autopap “see” how I’m breathing and adjust more appropriately.

Homeschooling  My son is doing better in a lot of ways, taking more responsibility for his work and improving his math grades.  He does have a lot of work to do before he can graduate from high school, though; he’s in 9th grade now.

Remodeling and re-arranging  We’re done the parts we needed to pay workers to do, pretty much and we mostly really like it.  We still have a lot of arranging and unpacking of things we had needed to pack up in order to empty the rooms we had worked on  Given that taxes are due soon, I’m not sure how much we’ll get unpacked!  My son’s been a big help here; he packed quite a few boxes.

mountains w stronger outline

Photography  I have been taking quite a few pictures.  I’ve added a lot here; have more to do, too.  I also “redecorated” our Peace in Chronic Illness chat room by putting in a new background image and picking colors for the text box and side box that match the new background image. I found that very relaxing.  The new background image is to the right here.

New photo albums  The new photo albums are Air & Space Museum, Fall 2008, Christmas 2008, Cats!, Snow 2009, and Spring evening.  My current favorite to photograph is our little kitty, Sakura.  She is full grown but tiny and is very affectionate.  She sleeps on my forearm at times and climbs on me like a kitten might!  And, of course, she is very cute.

Saturday evening update  I’m having a lot of trouble publishing my site; most of my photo albums are not up yet.  I’m having to upload just a few photos at a time.  It’ll probably be 2-3 days before they’re all online again though I’m starting with the newest ones; the ones I mentioned above should be online pretty soon.

Sunday afternoon update  It’s finally all up!  Most of my comments were lost so I will put them back up by hand.

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